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Did you know that MPX-NJ now has three dispensaries open in New Jersey, with a new location in Pennsauken that was just opened. That’s right! MPX-NJ serves both medical patients and adult-use customers. You can learn more about our dispensary locations and our house brand offerings on our about us page. Learn more here.

Our Locations
MPX-NJ is Southern New Jersey’s go-to for both medical and adult use cannabis, with three dispensary locations open! When you’re searching for a dispensary near you in your area, you can count on MPXNJ. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff help you find your favorite new products today!

The MPX-NJ Pennsauken dispensary is our most recent location to open in New Jersey! It’s our largest MPX-NJ dispensary and it’s the first dispensary located in the Pennsauken area. Located in a lovely area of New Jersey just north of Cooper River Park, Pennsauken opened in October of 2023 for medical patients. We look forward to serving recreational consumers in November 2023.

MPX-NJ Pennsauken provides a safe and regulated environment for individuals seeking access to cannabis products. We emphasize customer service, product quality, and compliance with local and state regulations to ensure a positive and informed experience for all visitors.

Visit our Pennsauken online menu here for even more information regarding our store hours, products, loyalty points, and more!

Gloucester Township
Our second medical and recreational dispensary is in Gloucester Township, New Jersey serves as a crucial hub for individuals seeking access to cannabis products. We emphasize customer service, product quality, and compliance with local and state regulations to ensure a positive and informed experience for all visitors. Our Gloucester Township dispensary is situated only a few blocks off the Atlantic City Expressway, located at 581 Berlin – Cross Keys Road. Looking for a dispensary near you?

Visit our Gloucester Township medical online menu here for even more information regarding our store hours, products, loyalty points, and more! We currently serve medical patients and recreational consumers 7 days a week!

Atlantic City
Our Atlantic City dispensary, nestled in the noteworthy Orange Loop area of Atlantic City, is located at 153 S New York Ave, Unit B. You can shop medical and adult-use cannabis at our Atlantic City dispensary which is only a few blocks away from the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Enjoy the beach, the boardwalk, and the sights on your way to our MPX-NJ Atlantic City location.
View Medical Menu.

Our Atlantic City location was our first location to open in New Jersey. Not only that, but we were also the only dispensary to receive their recreational license on 4/20/2023. Ever since, we’ve had an increase of recreational consumers in the Atlantic City area. To view recreational deals, promotions, loyalty points, and more, visit our Atlantic City recreational menu here.

We are beyond thrilled to have three dispensary locations in New Jersey serving medical and recreational consumers. Interested in cannabis career opportunities? MPX-NJ is hiring. We currently have open roles throughout our facilities. View all open positions and apply now! Apply Here / View Positions.

Our Brands
Our cultivation and product manufacturing facility in Pleasantville produces some of the finest cannabis products in New Jersey, for both the medical and adult use markets. Our team of highly skilled cannabis craftspeople work passionately to bring our customers and patients high-quality flower, concentrates, cartridges, and more. Learn more about our house brands view here. 

MPX, also known as Melting Point Extracts, was founded in 2015 by cannabis connoisseurs with the mission of providing the highest quality cannabis experience possible. We meticulously grow the finest starting material, and staying in control of the myriad of variables involved at every stage of the process enables us to create optimal batch size craft cannabis derivatives.

Proper cultivation practices paired with mindful handling, as well as a sound extraction process, gives us the edge in quality. Because of this meticulous ‘soil-to-oil process, Melting Point Extracts is always elevating the standard.

Melting Point Extracts as always been dedicated to raising the bar in the cannabis market. We have an obsession for perfection and always strive to be on the cutting edge. View Mpx Products.

Anthologie offers a collection of unique, curated cannabis strains for those who seek the freedom they desire to explore new possibilities with a curious and open mind. A carefully curated top-shelf flower that inspires the exploration of yourself and the world around you. Learn More. 

Black Label
The team at Black Label set out to create a product that’s accessible and worth talking about. Enjoy the reliability and consistency you deserve without any pretentiousness. Hard-hitting and consistently dosed, we want you to enjoy cannabis the way it was meant to be, all at a reasonable price. Learn More. 

Last Resort
Last Resort™ celebrates cannabis’s power to transport. Designed for the connoisseur who needs a break, this high-quality pre-ground flower creates an easy experience without sacrificing high standards, quality, and consistency. Like a drink delivered poolside, Last Resort™ prioritizes the destination over the journey.

All of our dispensaries offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including:

Flower: Cannabis flower in various strains, carefully cultivated and packaged.
Edibles: A selection of edible products infused with THC or CBD, such as gummies, chocolates, and beverages.

Concentrates: High-potency extracts, including shatter, wax, and oils.
Topicals: Cannabis-infused creams, lotions, and balms for localized relief.
Pre-Rolls: Pre-rolled joints for convenience.

Learn more about types of products here. 

Accessories: Smoking and vaping equipment, as well as other cannabis-related accessories.

MPXNJ: Your Trusted New Jersey Dispensary
One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for cannabis products is the quality and reputation of your retailer. For example, can you trust what they’re providing you with? At MPXNJ, we are dedicated to providing our customers and medical patients with the best care, knowledge, and products, making it easy for you to shop confidently for high-quality cannabis products.

Instead of choosing a random result from your internet search for “cannabis near me” stick with a licensed dispensary name you know and can trust: MPXNJ. To help answer more of your questions when selecting cannabis products and how to choose the right products for your lifestyle, contact MPXNJ [ here ] or visit our dispensaries today. If you have additional questions before you visit one of our locations, start by heading to our FAQ section [ here ] to help you get started.

Licenseholder: MPX New Jersey, LLC (MPX NJ)

This product contains cannabis. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product, including for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on becoming pregnant. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using this product. MPX NJ is licensed by the State of New Jersey.

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