You’ve heard about flowers, cartridges, and edibles. But what are concentrates?
July 27, 2023Concentrates

What Are Concentrates?

You’ve heard about flowers, cartridges, and edibles. But what are concentrates? In this blog you’ll learn what concentrates are, how to consume them, and the different types of concentrates. Follow along below to dive into the world of concentrates. What are Concentrates? Concentrates are yet another type of cannabis product [ learn more ]. Concentrate …

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Terpenes rec cannabis
July 11, 2023Dispensary

Types of Cannabis Terpenes

While visiting MPXNJ or in your research, you might have heard the term “terpenes” used when learning about cannabis. If you’re new to the industry, you might be wondering what terpenes are. Also, how do terpenes contribute to the effects of cannabis? In this blog, we will cover terpenes, the types of cannabis terpenes, and their potential medicina …

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What Are Cannabinoids? 
June 28, 2023Cannabis

What Are Cannabinoids? 

While at a dispensary, you might have heard the term cannabinoids being used. You’ve probably heard everything about its two most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD. But these aren’t the only cannabinoids produced by the plant. In this blog, we’ll cover what cannabinoids are, what cannabinoids do, and the types of cannabinoids. What Are Cannabinoids? …

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April 17, 2023Uncategorized

Different Types of Cannabis Products

Understanding the Different Types of Cannabis Products Did you know there are different types of cannabis products you can consume? Each of them provides potential benefits that can fit your medical regimen. If you’re new to medical cannabis, all of the different options can be overwhelming. Explore our guide below to learn about the different types …

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medical cannabis dispensary
March 13, 2023Dispensary

What to Expect at a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

If you’ve recently decided to try medical cannabis, you likely have some questions and concerns. It can be intimidating to step inside a medical cannabis dispensary and not know what to do, which questions to ask, and how to find the products you need. We can help guide you on what to expect at a New Jersey medical cannabis dispensary.  Expect to Be …

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