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Learn more about medical cannabis product types below.Learn more about medical cannabis product types below.Learn more about medical cannabis product


Capsules and tablets offer a long-lasting and highly-concentrated treatment method for patients that need long-term effects from their medical cannabis.

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Cannabis tinctures can be thought of as an alcohol-based cannabis essence, though they can also be made with a liquid medium. This essence is stored in a bottle and used with a dropper, making it a more convenient and portable method of dosing in situations that call for discretion in cannabis use.

Oral solutions are nearly identical to tinctures, and are often formulated by combining a cannabis oil with a liquid or oil, such as MCT oil.

While other forms of cannabis consumption feature one basic method of application, tinctures and oral solutions are more open-ended and can be applied in a variety of ways. While simple oral ingestion is the most common way of using a tincture, many cannabis consumers prefer to add a few drops to their food or drink.

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Portable vaporizers are essentially small vaporizers, which are often shaped like a pen or are rectangular, and come in many forms. They generally utilize two components: a cartridge containing cannabis oil, and a rechargeable battery.

Portable vaporizers are filled with cannabis oil, which is a concentrated form of the marijuana plant that has been extracted by combining it with a solvent (such as butane, ethanol, or C02) and extracting the concentrated oil.

The portable vaporizer heats up a portion of this oil until it vaporizes, allowing the consumer to inhale the vapor.

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Oral sprays contain cannabis concentrates that are intended to be delivered sublingually, or under the tongue. Oral sprays tend to be fast-acting if used correctly, as the sublingual administration of cannabis means that the effects will be more immediate than a cannabis oil or capsule that is simply ingested.

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Medical cannabis powders are formulated from cannabis oil and are easily dissolved into most liquids, providing medical marijuana patients flexibility in how they consume their medication.

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Cannabis topicals are cannabinoid-based solutions, often combined with other ingredients, that are absorbed through the skin. Topicals provide medical marijuana patients with an additional option for managing localized symptoms of pain.

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