We’ve launched our sister company, MPX in New Jersey. MPX, which is short for, Melting Point Extracts, was founded with the mission of providing the best cannabis experience possible. We are excited to share that our MPX brand is launching solventless concentrates soon at MPXNJ. Read below to learn how our sister company MPX continues to provide the highest quality concentrates in the state.

MPX Solventless
The MPX brand is always elevating the standard and that’s why MPX concentrates are the way to go for concentrate lovers.

Solventless extraction elevates cannabis extracts by utilizing only natural forms of separation to provide a superior extract that epitomizes the flavor profile and cannabinoid effects. Solventless incorporates water, ice, and pressure to gently separate the most desired parts of the plant, the trichome heads.

With solventless extraction, chemicals are substituted with water, ice, and pressure. This approach minimizes waste and reduces energy consumption compared to solvent-based methods, contributing to a more eco-conscious approach in cannabis extraction. Furthermore, solventless extraction, demands skilled craftsmanship with meticulous attention to every detail in the cultivation and extraction process. This intricate practice necessitates a profound understanding of the cannabis plant. 

By doing so, it provides the most full-flavored concentrate available on the market, which is why MPX concentrates is the way to go.

We are proud to be launching solventless concentrates soon at MPXNJ. You can expect the launch of MPX Solventless products in March of 2024.

MPXNJ: Your Trusted New Jersey Dispensary
One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for cannabis products is the quality and reputation of your retailer. For example, can you trust what they’re providing you with? At MPXNJ, we are dedicated to providing our customers and medical patients with the best care, knowledge, and products. MPS makes it easy for you to shop confidently for high-quality cannabis products.

Instead of choosing a random result from your internet search for “cannabis near me” stick with a licensed dispensary name you know and can trust: MPXNJ. To help answer more of your questions when selecting cannabis products and how to choose the right products for your lifestyle, contact MPXNJ [ Click Here ] or visit our dispensaries today. If you have additional questions before you visit one of our locations.  Start by heading to our FAQ section [ Click Here ] to help you get started.

Disclaimer:  Licenseholder: MPX New Jersey, LLC (MPX NJ) 

This product contains cannabis. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product, including for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on becoming pregnant. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using this product.

We are a local Dispensary conveniently located in Atlantic City, Gloucester Township and Pennsauken.

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