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Our cultivation and processing facilities in Pleasantville produce some of the state’s finest cannabis products for both medical and recreational markets. Our team of highly skilled cannabis craftspeople work passionately to bring the customers and patients of New Jersey high quality flower, cartridges and more.

Recreational Dispensary

Anthologie offers a collection of unique, curated cannabis strains for those who seek the freedom they desire to explore new possibilities with a curious and open mind. Carefully curated top shelf flower that inspires the exploration of yourself and the world around you.

The team at Black Label set out to create a product that’s accessible and worth talking about. Enjoy the reliability and consistency you deserve without any of the pretentiousness. Hard hitting and consistently dosed, we want you to enjoy cannabis the way it was meant to be straight from the source.

NJ Black Label Cart and Shatter
MPX NJ - MPX Batter

MPX Live Resin concentrates are derived from the highest quality whole plant cannabis that is meticulously harvested and immediately frozen before extraction. This ensures maximum terpene and cannabinoid retention and is unrivaled in taste, potency and effect.

Last Resort™ celebrates cannabis’s power to transport. Designed for the connoisseur who needs a break, high-quality pre-ground flower creates an easy experience without sacrificing high standards, quality and consistency. Like a drink delivered poolside, Last Resort™ prioritizes the destination over the journey. Crafted using Mayflower’s preferred cannabis strains, Last Resort™ is all-natural and grown and ground with the highest standards by cultivators who care to provide an unparalleled experience.


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